Ideas and journaling

The funny thing about writing is your mind is always doing it; in images and dialogue, in musings and opinions on all things. Now, getting a rope around them ideas and corraling them into a manuscript, now there’s the challenge. The little buggers are tough to cull out, then they finally go in screaming and kicking, until they realize that’s right where they belong, and they settle onto the page, and sigh.

So anyway, I’ve been scouring my journals over the past months, digging out some story ideas that the grey matter dumped down some months, or years, back. I found some gems worth expanding on, and it seems the next three years of story are all mapped out, in general of course. I’m excited about the current story: a quirky romance that’ll leave you laughing and crying, until you close the book with a smile. And the next two stories really get the juices flowing. Love it when that happens.


2 responses to “Ideas and journaling

  1. I am glad I found your rodeo LOLs..
    for a minute I thought I was back in the days when I frequented them
    I can’t wait to read your books….I somehow know already I am going to like them
    very much…


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