ColorI have come to a realization: The world of the arts, in all shapes and forms of expression, are color. Everything is color. Every imaginable color in the wide spectrum of life. Emotions, experience, sound, touch, taste, feel, people, places, and everything in between are all shades and hues of wonderful color. Each artist–whether writer, painter, lyricist etc.–sees the world with his/her own unique palette, going out into the world gathering color from life. There is no judgment in any shade. The artist simply blends with another color to create one that pleases the senses to the moment. Each shade and nuance carries a different weight of expression.

Writers paint with prose, each word a separate color, with a weight of its own. Representing the world as it has been experienced in the moment. Mixing and blending the palette to create the color of soul at that moment.

Sound is color, with all the possibilities of vibration being a different shade, changing hues with volume and weight. Unlimited in scope. Pianists fill their palette every day and mix these colors of life on a scale between the black and white keys of a piano. This is their canvas of creation.

We are Creators. We have the divine gift of creation to use our resources of color provided in this lifetime. So all you writers go into the world without judgment and fill your palette with all the color you need. This well is infinite and eternal, with every color imaginable. Gather your palettes, knowing that all shades of color are needed to create your masterpiece of word. Mix and blend to represent each hue of expression … Lighter, darker, softer, brighter … it’s your canvas my friends.

Ah … the wonderful colors of life; to see this color for the first time is worthy of joyful weeping.


Whatcha think?

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