The Mask

To see the faces … behind the faces
The sneers … behind the plastic smiles
The jeers … behind the compliments
The judgement … behind the kindness

Do you ask to see Truth?

Be careful what you wish;
For to see the Truth, is madness
To be in dark, is bliss

Humanity has driven seekers to a solitary cavern to flee the truth of us: We all don our masks. Just what would we do if a prophet of sorts should appear? No, I believe whipping and hanging are beyond us now. No, we are more humane, right? No stoning, nor bloodshed and screams. We have moved passed that ignorance. We don our masks. So what would we do? We would hand out a prescription, label a disease, exile the “victim” into loneliness while snickering behind his back. Go sup on exquisite fare. Get gussied up in fine clothes, smile into the mirror … and join the ball:

Sweet music around
Attire so grand
Distinguished clowns
To this proper band

Step one, Perri two
Such perfect form
The crowd doth gather
A prince is born

Dark and handsome
With a mask of  light
Cheers, a worthy applause
Oblivious of plight

With talents that saunter
A confident pride
Such sweet banter!
Outloud they cried

One ~ two ~ slide box three
So fortunate he is
The puppets don’t see

Behind the light mask
With a sheer grin
Must be a task
To always win

Foot steps of agony
A smile on his face
Shoes getting tighter
Losing his grace

Twirl, slide, pulling the strings
Enjoying while it lasts
Those needful things

Darkness can’t hide
A sneer of a face
In true light
Truth wins the race

When the ball is over
The sweet music stops
Truth will uncover
When the mask drops












— The Masquerade Ball — Erik S. Lehman


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