My talisman

Since time began, people have worn charms, donned tattoos and such, to represent who they feel they are, to represent their values, or provide a bit of guidance. Such things are not magical, per se, yet they do hold magic. Why do we wear such things? It doesn’t matter. Whatever works to connect us to some deeper force, whatever gives us a sense of purpose, of individuality. With that said, I have studied the language of Irish Gaelic, and the land of legends has influenced my imagination. There is something there; I can feel it. For years now, I have worn a sort of Celtic knot charm hanging off my neck. Over the years it has become a place for finger and thumb to rub a bit of worry away. It is heavy. It is worn. I look at it now and see my life embedded in silver; all the thoughts and musings, the story ideas (were they really mine?), and the grieving questions answered. On the back of my charm reads a silver engraved message:

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat [My heart is within you.]

Yes, my talisman beats within me, is part of me now.


2 responses to “My talisman

  1. I know what you mean by this – I have a dragon ring that I’ve word every day since I was 18 (and that’s a long time ago 🙂 ). Just love dragons I guess. They represent the primordial chaos to me, out of which everything creative emerges.


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