Have you ever wondered about this: Family spreads out across the country, or world for that matter–we feel separated and yet we are not. We exist in an ocean of electromagnetic energy. Like drops in an ocean, we move around into different spaces, but we are always the ocean. Some of us are crashing against the rocks. Some of us are in rough seas. Some of us are rolling in the tides, speeding down rushing rivers and falling off waterfalls of energy. Some of us are just returning from the great rain clouds of energy to begin a new journey. But like the sea, there is a vast expanse of calmness for us to discover on our journeys. We are ONE ocean of energy, rising and falling with the peaks and valleys of the waves. Do not think we are not connected. Even when this physical body dies: like water evaporating from the ocean, it returns as rain. In this way, energy cannot be destroyed and we will return, for life is everlasting.

–One–Erik S. Lehman



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