Blocked? It is an illusion.

Writer’s block is a myth generated by the trickster called doubt. If you happen to stumble, just remember; time does not stop, so it cannot stop in the land of fiction. It is only the mind that brings the  illusion of halted time, because we try too hard to force action. So we stand on the corner, staring at the sign, waiting for the red like to turn green, while the traffic whizzes by. When all we must do is use the other crosswalk and take the roundabout way to the destination.

No need to stop: Write the boring parts, write, write, write; it can all be cut out in future drafts.


It is a gift.

Let it surround you.



Don’t think.

Don’t doubt.

Just write.

Write it the way you want to write it.

Your style is unique.

And discover the magic in prose.

Do not look on other writers with envy, as though they are some super-gifted otherworldly artist. No, they went through the same process. And as soon as you believe yourself a professional, truly believe, the universe will get to work to make you one. But you must have faith in the process; dogged determination to stay on the path. You will sweat. You will wipe your brow. And someday, yes, there it will be, just over that hill, the destination of a lifetime. Can you make it up that mountain? Do you have the strength? Only you can say.

It is your story. It is your life.



Whatcha think?

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