The wait (writers)

One of the hardest things to do is to step away from a manuscript after a draft; but it’s a necessary step (IMO). I have found that if, during that time, I go back to other manuscripts that have been waiting on the “manuscript” shelf gathering dust, I am able to deal with the trauma of leaving the present story characters in wait. Also, I read, read, read, research, and peruse my journals to see if I can glean a gem or two. Still, I sit on pins and needles while I count the days until I can return to the manuscript. And I do posts like this to bide my time. So bear with me if I get a little long-winded. Help, I’m  typing and I can’t shut up; it’s an ailment I possess … or one that possesses me, hmm. Anyway, I’m 115, 000 words in, and will be starting the next draft on May 1st. Happy Tuesday, best wishes to all.



Whatcha think?

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