The time is now (a quote and reply)

“The roots of runic tradition have been hidden from our view for several hundred years, but now the long-awaited age has arrived, in which the power of the runic mysteries will again become manifest…. The runes embody the greatest and smallest secrets of nature, and they are the keys to those secrets–for they are indeed the secrets themselves. Too long have these magnificent tools been allowed to atrophy in dusty tomes. Now their ways are again made known to those who would be wise…. The inner rune lore could never be eliminated totally–it only retreated into the innermost shelters of the human soul, waiting to be reborn. Just as men retreat into abodes in order to survive destructive powers, so did the runes hide themselves in the patterns of consciousness, awaiting the time when they might be reborn into a hospitable world that would again know their lore….”

–Edred Thorsson


The time for freedom is upon us. The latter part of 2012 was the beginning  of the time to break the chains of dogma, and rediscover life and all the magic it entails, without the fear that has been forced into the collective consciousness of humankind. Live, and know. Humans have only been on this planet for a minute span of time in the grand scheme of things: how vain are we to think we rule the universe, the universe that has existed for billions of years before us. No, dogma is not the answer, freedom of mind is the answer. All we must do is follow the roots, and we may find the tree of consciousness.



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