It exists

Magic exists, whether believed or not, whether mocked or not. Yet, it is learned from within, not gleaned from the many books available, all with different views. Charms and spells are personal, like poetry to a loved one. A connection is borne from one’s heart communicating with energies that always were. It only works with faith in the unknown, with a deep-seeded love for the mystery of all that is. You cannot learn such things from carbon-copy books about methodology. No … you must talk to the universe; it is where you are from; we are sons and daughters of divinity, take the time to express yourself in your own unique way. And do not forget gratitude.  Only then will you be rewarded with a new look at what this thing called “life” is…. Ah, magical.



4 responses to “It exists

  1. Very true and beautiful. I know that I feel magic all around me and everyday. If you sit very quietly you can feel the magicial energies all around you. We are all children of the universe.


    • Mmm, yes, it is a wonderful feeling; blissful to feel our place in time. When I sit quietly, I can feel and hear the buzz of life energy massaging every cell in this thing we call a “body”.


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