The Guise?

To know a thing
That knowledge hides
Unwillingly in the dark
To follow a dim path
Through a forest of fright
Where secrets do cover
A waiting plight.

There is no blame
For the unknowing
In comfort is the guiding torch flame.
“It has always been,”
is what they say. “It is the only way.
How can there be shame?”


A torch can burn
An innocent lot
Still a smile will lead the way.

But look
Up ahead …

There waits
A lurking guide
A cloak of fur
Hides his guise
Though glinting eyes do tell the truth.

Should thou heed the words of he,
when with his mouth he does decree?:

“Follow me, little ones.
The light is here.
Never mind the fangs.
I am a sheep,
in wolf’s gear.
All we do is good.”

“Come join me,” it smiles,
“down this narrow path.
It is widening as we speak.
A feast awaits for thee.
Do not fret,
for now we have met.
No fish this time, can you not see,
on lambs we will dine in glee.”

–The Guise–E.S.L

Can it be true? Could the ones’ doing the warning, be the subject of the matter? Wouldn’t that be a massive feat from a trickster! What better place to hide, than in plain sight? Maybe we should inquire and follow the evidence of time. If only fear would get out of the way, maybe we could see whom the wolf they speak of really is. So there you go, let the controversy begin; I am not afraid.


Whatcha think?

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