Many people want to write a book but are lacking in confidence. I ask the question why? There is no reason to think you can’t do it, unless of course you are not doing it for yourself (first). People pore over study manuals and “training” material … get frustrated, threaten to pull their hair out … and give up. That is a shame. Because there is a book inside you, if you just listen to yourself, and push everything else aside. The problem lies in the fact that in this day and age people automatically correlate writing a novel to being published. They didn’t do this back in the day: They just wrote and let the pages fall where they may. Don’t fret about publication. It doesn’t matter. Write in YOUR way. Read hundreds of novels (the best way to learn anyway). And if by chance you happen to get published, good for you … but that is not the force that drives the artist to breathe life into a story.

The materialistic world has quashed the dreams of many a would be author. Then there are all those internet “help” sites and gimmicks, and forums, and crap, crap, crap, shouting at us about what to do and how to do it … for a mere $9.99 … (someone is making money on the gullible) but wait, if you act now, you get these free bonuses and we’ll throw in the second one for free, just pay separate S&H…..

Don’t let them win. Just write!


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