Just a little muse

So I am sitting at my desk with morning sunbeams knifing through the window blinds, and I got to musing a bit. You see, I am growing Norfolk Pine trees in my office. So I got to thinking about the correlation between those and my current manuscript. Patience is the word that popped into my mind. Yes, it takes patience to grow. My trees are small, but vibrant and healthy green. In the wild they can stand hundreds of feet tall; it is hard to comprehend that while watching the sunshine wash through the window to land on the branches of such potential giants. And another thought pops into my head: We cannot force the sun to shine, just wait for the gift, grow, and stretch to the sky. That is the type of patience it takes to create a tree, or a long-standing story. Nature holds lessons. I sip to that: Mmm, good coffee.


(image taken from the web)


Whatcha think?

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