Delicious Madness

“My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness.”

–André Breton

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Warning: This  blog has occasional erotic elements.


97 responses to “Delicious Madness

  1. Hi Erik, I read your mature piece and tried to comment. I had opened the window some time ago, as I wanted to read it at leisure and once I read it I had a few questions. However, when I tried to post my comment the website said it could not find what I was looking for. Very strange. Did you un-post it?

    In any case. Here is the sentence that prompted me to comment: “Hunger for her had tormented him for so long. No longer would he wait.”

    – Why had there been a long wait?
    – Were they separated either by space or circumstances?
    – Was it a power play on her part? Did she simply deny herself for whatever reason?
    – What had determined her to allow what she had previously denied, if that were the case?
    – Have they been married long? Or were they newlyweds and she had not slept with him before getting married.
    As you see.. quite a few questions and I’m not sure what happened with the post.


    • Yeah, sorry, Vic. After posting it, I realized it was taken from a previous draft. I am re-posting the real draft now. In any case, yes, so much more came before this–356 pages more. They have been married for eighteen years, childhood sweethearts, always in love, always faithful, with a beautiful daughter. A traumatic incident sent her mind away, resulting in her loss of memories. He becomes her counselor. She falls in love with him all over again. The family cannot tell her who she is, because when that is tried, she falls back into an episode, and her brain goes back to the beginning. So they must wait, while the romance with her husband (boyfriend) continues to grow. He’s afraid to make love with her because it might trigger an episode, which it– well, I can’t tell you 🙂


  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    !!!!!! Happy New Year !!!!!!

    Best wishes for you in 2014


    • It’s my pleasure. As you might have noticed, I adore everything about the rose and petals of life. Therefore, I must follow such a wonderful blog as yours. Keep up the great work. By the way, that pic on my book cover, that would be Amy. What a coincidence. She is a Daughter of The Rose.


      • Your site looks so delicious I could not pass up on it, and so followed. When you said, Daughter of the Rose, you gave me goosebumps. I grow roses, and all the photos you see on my blog are those very roses that I do grow. Some just glow in exalted glory to the point I actually go into ecstatic states. Every year the colors seem to deepen, brighten, glow. I cannot describe this phenomenon. It is LOVE. Simply put.

        Now that I KNOW you love roses, I will think of you every time I post one. I have SO many on my blog already that you would probably go into an ecstatic state just looking at them. They in of themselves will “speak to you”. I know they do me.

        I thank you kindly for the words of encouragement. For yes, what I do at Petals does encompass much time and a lot of Effort on my part. The drive to share the beauty both in word and photo, to inspire and to uplift, and of course, on occasion, get you to think are a driving force within me I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.

        I usually don’t blab on like this. The connection I just made with you, brought these words forth. Nice!!!


        • You have no idea how much that fills my heart to hear you mention the colors deepening, the glowing phenomenon, exactly. And that is the phenomenon I feel compelled to write about, to show others the magic that spills from the Rose. LOVE. Absolutely.

          I already become ecstatic seeing the roses on your blog, and I look forward to perusing every single one. No worries about babbling on, I find myself doing the same when life opens up like this. It is magic.

          Take care of that rose garden, Amy. It loves you. It needs you as much as you need it. You are a caretaker of the very heart of all that is. Whether you know it or not: You are a Daughter. Love.


          • Again, I must reply. Just with this conversations, you have awakened in me, deeper Love. My roses are sleeping now, under snow. Come Spring, I await anxiously for a sign of their return out of deep sleep.

            Yes, Erik, that Passion, I know. I call it my Inner Garden. I Live it. I am it. When I dip into the Eternity found there, the words that come forth are Sacred. As is Love. Life. Sacred and for a man to know this, puts tears in my eyes. For my experience with men, has led me to sadly walk away, thinking where on earth does a man exist who understands the Sacredness of Love of Life Itself?

            This is where I write from as well. For now, it is poetry or “wisdom phrases” that bubble up, yet there is so much more. Just getting my blog up and running and maintaining the statas quo, was a lot. And then to have the courage to reveal the Truth, which ultimately flies over most people’s heads, but still I presist, takes much for me as well.

            The Rose is the Essence of Love. It has the Highest Vibration of all flowers on Earth. And to have the honor to care for them, to Love them, and for them to show me their Inner Beauty as they burst forth, brings me to my knees at times, at the enormity of what I see. Again, most do not understand the Sacredness I post in my photos, for many in this world have become so disconnected from the Magic of Love of Life.

            My hands shake as I write these words, for finally, I have connected with a man who understands. Oh, how I look forward to what you write. And if you have books, point me the way, for I will buy them. I “see” your Soul. Your Light is truly Magnificent.

            And for this, tears flow. The JOY of knowing now, that it is possible for a man to understand, and at long last, a dream today has been seen. Thank you, Erik, for not compromising and listening to your Heart. You really have awakened in me something I thought was long lost. And for this, I honor you and say thank you. I promise to care for the Rose.


          • I understand completely, and I still remember when I was a young boy, way back when, and other men never understood my outlook. But I held fast to my calling, my very essence. I will never abandon the sacred Rose. My very heart beats in service to it. I am overjoyed to know you, Amy. I lift my face to the sky in thanks for the connection to an honorable Daughter of life. You will receive a free signed copy of the book if you wish. It’s the least I can do. I will put your name on the list on the Book One page. Love.



          • Erik, I accept your generousity. I will care for those books as if they were the Rose themselves.

            Don’t ever let go of Who You Are. For once you do, Life is not worth living. And that, Erik, is another one of my “sayings” that I am putting on Petals. They just bubble up and if I don’t catch them, (pad and paper) they fizzle away. Bless you for this connection. This saying is dedicated to you.

            In Honor, in Joy, and Love, Amy


          • Yep, those thoughts must be caught and put on paper 🙂 Thank you so much for that, beautiful Amy: “Honor, Joy, Love.” That means more to me than anything. ♥


          • And as well with me, Erik, those three words I do not write lightly.

            Make sure you keep an eye for tomorrow’s post, for many were birthed from our union this day. Your words have awoken in me a place that has not seen light for many a long year, and for this, I am eternally grateful. I could write you all night, but I won’t. I do have to close up this house for the night, do pm medications, and get myself to bed.

            JOY. It has been pure JOY in speaking with you. Never have I met someone who I “know” as well as I do you. Amazing. Erik, I have no words. Bless you and good night.


          • It has been such a pleasure speaking with you also. As if two like souls on separate journeys met for the first time … and smiled. So nice to meet you. Have a great, restful night. I will keep in touch on your blog. Love. ♥


  3. Hi Erik…thanks for following my Blog D.A. Lavoie. You’re right, in away, love is madness, but the kind of madness a person needs to show, to have, to hold and cherish. Your Blog is interesting…with a pure touch of sweet and passionate sensuality, yet all in the good taste of truth. I’m glad to follow you back and have a great week-end. Delvi.


  4. Thank you for following Erik. I only write a little part-time and cannot compare to the great work that you do, but I am honored.


      • Just had a chance to listen to the audio . . . wow, really enjoyed that!! I am SO behind in my reading . . . will be working this week to catch up on your posts – I have taken to binge reading these days – a few blogs every day or 2, as well as trying to keep up with those I already caught up on LOL 😉

        Actually enjoy this whole post so much that I am reblogging it on my Windchimes and Dreamcatchers blog!! Love your site, Erik – the look, the feel, the varied subjects – magical, mystical, romantic – not feminine nor masculine per say – just human ❤

        Great post!! ☮


        • Thanks so much, Sadie. I’m in the same boat with time, catching up and such. It’s all good 🙂 I’m so glad you like and recognize that this blog is not gender bias. And thanks for the reblog, I do appreciate it. I’ll be stopping by your wonderful blog shortly. Peace and Love.



  5. Erik, don’t mind me I’m just losing myself in your brilliantly fascinating Blog this afternoon. For some unknown reason you don’t show up in my reader any more and I don’t know why. I love everything about your Blog and your outlook in your writings. As I said earlier your work is fascinating to me. I LOVE the black horse that is moving on the right side – breathtaking! Take care. Dawn


    • Thanks so much, Dawn. I know it can get a bit weird in here at times, and I appreciate the understanding. And yep, that horse captured my fascination as well, which is why I use it as my mascot. I just had to put his magic on the page. Glad you like it as much as I do. Thanks again, and please take care of yourself as well. I’ll be poppin’ in now and again to say hi.



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