Don’t mind me

Today I realized what I’m in for. See, the novels have taken a massive turn; I now have the next 15 years all mapped out in journals, well, mostly. It seems that this new world is growing so rapidly, I’m going to have to create a genealogical background to follow (Ugh), a family tree that encompasses all of my characters. The series will now be ten novels long in the form of three-three-three, and the last one, “Chasing Tomorrow,” which will wrap up the story. I only write this to cement my goals, to put the energy of focus out there in the ether world, because when we do such things, the Universe (gods, goddesses, call it what you will) has a tendency to work for us. It listens to dreams of those who are determined to reach out and grasp them.

So anyway, don’t mind me, I’m just typing. Thanks for listening πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Don’t mind me

  1. Erik, it took me a bit of time to find a place to write to you. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read the pieces I had put up on the Shared Blog. It’s kind of out of the way but I figured since no one seemed to be using it I’d just put up some older pieces to see how it went. You seemed to be the most consistent. Anyway, I rambled through your blog a bit as time would allow and found it interesting. I haven’t decided about posting anymore the way I have on that site. It doesn’t get much traffic, Anyway I hope you found the interview if some interest. I think you’re the only one that read it today. Be well. Best >KB


    • My pleasure, KB. Yes, I found the interview very interesting, and can relate to your path of artistry. The pieces you post never fail to capture my interest, due to the fact that they are so real, and I appreciate that. Anyway, thanks for the follow, and have a wonderful New Year’s day.



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