An excerpt from a favorite book

How can they find a path that leads to our spiritual home? Some of them explore the religions of other peoples–American Indian religion, Voudon or other expressions of African tribal belief, the intricacies of Tibetan Buddhism–with no realization that the way of their own ancestors is the best way for them. 

We are a wounded people. Torn from our ancient tribes, riven by sword and burned by fire until we died or accepted foreign beliefs, stripped of our own natural pride, filled with guilt–guilt about sex, guilt about power, guilt about the alleged evils of our forbears–we are brimming over with poison. The results are clear for all to see: More of us are dying than are being born, our children look to other peoples and cultures for their models, our heritage and history are steadily displaced. These trends lead to marginalization and extinction.

There is an answer to this condition, and it is a spiritual one. Without a revolution of consciousness, nothing else can happen. To be healed we need to find again the faith that is naturally ours. It is not enough to find that faith in our heads. We must find it in our souls, and yes, even in our bodies. Our feet planted on the Earth, moving our limbs, raising our voices, turning our eyes to the bowl of the sky, uniting  outer actions with inner states, we find wholeness. This is the way home.

–The Asatru Folk Assembly


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