The lost art (men)

It seems in this day and age that men have forgotten what it takes to be defined as an all-around man, a man of integrity and strength, of respect for romance and the female gender. Too many men have become a disgrace to manhood, wandering about with loose morals and lack of genuine respect for women. That is a shame, and it stains our name.  Maybe it’s time we refresh our minds a bit, learn how to represent once again, and take a few grooming tips from men like Cary Grant. Here’s a great blog to do so:…. I have also included the rss link on the right side of this page. It is entitled “For Men,” but women could get some tips there to know how to spot a genuine man, or to give your significant other a few tips, or demands (your choice). So anyway, just thought I’d share. Enjoy.



2 responses to “The lost art (men)

  1. Thank you for following my blog, I’m here to inform you it’s a bilingual one, so if you get a post in Italian please “use your patience”, an English one will soon follow 😉 doing my best to keep things balanced…


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