In Dreams

A favorite excerpt from Kent Odinsson:

We all have dreams. Some dreams are just pleasant episodes–random interactions through swirls of thought, people and emotion. But often our dreams take us back to a time in our childhood, as we relive certain experiences or greet long departed family and friends. In our dreams, sometimes these visitors whisper to us solutions to problems we are currently facing in the real world, or inspire creative insights that change or enhance our perspective regarding certain dilemmas. We also have a chance in these encounters to tell them our thoughts, perhaps to express things that we did not have a chance to say in real life, during some missed opportunity. In our dreams we may even meet with characters, visit locations, experience events, and receive wisdom from outside our conscious selves and even from outside our life experiences–journeys that transcend space, time, and being.

Certainly these solutions or thoughts imparted to us did not come from our consciousness–otherwise we would not have reached an impasse or been unable to solve a particular problem in the first place. These solutions were unburied from our unconsciousness, extracted from our memory, or delivered from outside ourselves. Yet somehow, in our dreams, a conduit is opened to some realm that appears to be not accessible in the course of our daily life.


Whatcha think?

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