Subjective description

I believe the most difficult thing to do in writing is description: trying to describe a setting or character’s appearance without sounding like you’re attempting to sell the reader something with a pitch or advertisement in a catalog. On the other end of the scale, getting so fluffy that the reader chokes on overly-sentimental or detailed narration that goes on, and on, and…. Everything is subjective; do not say something is beautiful, let the reader decide. A pink sunset doesn’t tell us it’s beautiful, it just is–for some, and possibly not so much for others. If you TELL the reader it’s beautiful, and they think otherwise, you have just entered your OWN opinion, and possibly pulled the reader from the story a bit. It’s a fine line we tread; a high-wire act that we balance on, with “show” on one side, and Β “tell” on the other. Therein lies the art. And action is King.


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