Fish words

Words, everywhere–shiny, flashy, floating around in my mind like tropical fish in an aquarium. Nouns hover around. Adjectives have their colorful tempting  fins to draw us in, but no, watch out, too many colors can spoil the din. Those evil adverbs; Why did I even purchase them? Oh, that’s right, they came with the package. Worker verbs are cleaning up the tank so the nouns can breathe and move around. All these fish are slimy and tough to grab at times. Some are square, you know, square fish, and the paper is a round hole  where the words just don’t fit at times, no matter how hard I try to cram them onto the page, so they end up in the meat grinder while keys tap-tap-tap them into a pulp. Hey, I should write that down. If only I had a net for the fish words.

fish words



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