Illusions in time

I see not the anguish of this thing called “death.”
But of life reborn from the ashes;
Cleansed by eternity;
Drawing a new breath….

I know not of the pain and fire:
The song of the liar who struck the match….

Deny not this Truth:
Life is only cruel
To those who wish to rule
Over something that cannot be grasped;
That tick … tick … ticks away …
Through our frantic fingers.

Generation after generation
The cycle of pain endures.


Why do we fret over time?

How long can you hold water in a sieve?

I shall not fight a losing battle.
Battle for life? Hah!
Who is the victor?
When loss is a mirage born from ego,
Spurred by fear;
Goaded by greed …
Therefore, if there is no victor,
There must be no battle.

There are no spoils of war; no rewards for extra days.
So why do we fight for this thing called Time?

Triumph is only won in acceptance:


There is no such thing.
There is nothing to win.

Breathe … every illusory second.


— Illusions in time — Erik S. Lehman


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