Seconds of our soul (a rare sad post)

An age-old battle will not relent
A phantasmal war in which we spent
Seconds of our soul
Why do we fight over confusion?
Create strife over beliefs in the unknown; unseen; unproven?

Many have died for such causes
Belief is a powerful word for the lost
A family of humans, torn with a cost

Opinions of the ultimate destination are simply that:
Opinions … without proof
Yet, the war goes on for life as a whole
Words on paper, fuel the goal
And there we are:

Losing seconds of our soul.


–Seconds of our soul


2 responses to “Seconds of our soul (a rare sad post)

  1. seconds of one’s soul that won’t make into forevermore…
    sadness has the edge of haunting that is beautiful….
    always see the beauty in the sadness….you write with clarity of it
    ( okay I am done wandering…I need a distraction …Joe crossed over today…weird feeling….Thank you for sharing your thoughts…)


    • Beauty lives everywhere, if we look hard enough. Thank you for your kindness, your understanding, and appreciation of expression in all forms. That is great news about Joe, I can feel your excited, if not anxious energy. He is there. Give him a smile for me. 🙂


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