Asleep in time

I’ve been thinking (big surprise, huh?) about a certain phrase “God fearing,” and how that’s supposed to be a good thing. Why? It just doesn’t seem right to live in fear. And another thing, if we were supposedly created in “His” so-called image, does that not mean we are all gods and goddesses? In my view, that’s exactly what it means. Look at the evidence: We are creators and destroyers, holding the fate of animals, nature, and the very Earth in our hands. Maybe we should begin acting as such, and recognize our divinity. Just a thought. We are gods and goddesses, asleep in time. Therefore, I chose to compose a bit of verse:

Have we forgotten
From whom we are descended?
Oceans of time
Makes no difference
Blood is blood.

Trees remember
The time from whence we came
They watch us
Watch us wander in ignorance
Through the hustle and bustle of a world created
From plastic dreams and egos
Wondering when … if we will realize who we are.

Lifetimes have come and gone under their branches
They were there in the beginning
They were brought forth into existence from the ether
The very same ether from whence we came
Our family they are; our ancestors who wait
For the humans
Who are gods and goddesses
Asleep in time….


–Asleep in time


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