Only one

If we could only save one person from sorrow and anguish, if we could only  help one person have moments of laughter and joy, of love, then our own life would be worthwhile. I’m not interested in the quantity of book sales; only the quality of joy I might provide to someone’s life, be it ever so brief. My wish is that they may look upon their bookshelf, and remember the feeling with a smile. Rich or broke, I will follow my purpose with gratitude. Only one–that is all it would take to fulfill my life.


34 responses to “Only one

  1. I hate to be the debbie downer, but I’m on the other side of this equation. Having saved someone’s life doesn’t change anything, or bringing joy, or helping someone. Life goes on. I saved someone from suicide at knife point and nearly died in the process. I still fight with her every time she takes the last cup of coffee.

    Everything in my life has taught me to write for myself, derive joy from that. Where the chips fall are where they fall. Then I can always look back and say it was worth it, writing changed me in the process, and that’s something that doesn’t disappear so easily.


    • I do believe you missed my point. It does change everything, if we open our eyes and know the purpose, know that our life is not to be lived selfishly. Quit asking ourself “How does this effect me?” I’m not afraid of death, in fact I would welcome it if I know that my life has proved worthy of my values. If I nearly died at knife point, so what? Gotta die sometime. And I wouldn’t fight; I’d walk away knowing I did all that I could. There is no reason to live in stress. Absolutely none. And besides, this post is about how a novel effects the reader, not physically saving a life, but emotionally contributing to happiness. The focus on joy for others, not ourselves.


  2. Add to that. The greatest thing in life is connection and with it a sense fellowship. The joy of being part of that fellowship and of giving that to another. Looking through history, that fellowship of goodwill is the only thing that has improved our world. Therefore, good will rules.

    Cindyknoke(.com) put the alternate title of “The Tue Nature of Humanity” to this film. It says it all. Beyond doubt. I hope you enjoy feeling part of it. 🙂


  3. Looking forward to reading your book & always enjoy your blog posts!! And so agree with your sentiment!! A good book is like a good song, it can truly change one’s outlook and provide such joy! As writers, artists, musicians – it’s wonderful to know we may touch people in ways we never even imagined!!


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