Contagion of Joy.

So I just returned from Walmart, where I learned something about contagion. You see, I seemed to have performed an experiment without knowing I did so. Walmart was packed, of course, and everyone was frazzled and grumpy. So here’s what I did: I started idly whistling a happy tune. A minute later, I looked around to see those scowls turning to smiles; people talking and chatting; children beginning to giggle. Yes, I spread a bit of contagion. Joy to the world … or at least Walmart. πŸ™‚ Now get out there and spread the contagion, whistle up a good mood if you will.


9 responses to “Contagion of Joy.

  1. It is for much the same reason that I avoid the news in a format that I cannot filter. Too easy to become down about the world with all the negativity.

    Share the love and spread the joy. Works for me.



    • Yes, exactly. That is why I avoid the news as well. At least on television where they seem to feed off negativity. Nope, I’d much rather do as you said: Share the love and spread the joy. Glad to hear you agree πŸ™‚


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