In Love (revised repost)

There it is.
I found it.
I did.
But it was always there.

I’m in Love.

With you. Yes …you.
And you, and you.
And the trees and flowers that bloom hope into the world.
The air; It fills a new second: I relish the taste.
Skies hold our dreams in wispy clouds, waiting for us to notice.
The creatures great and small … Ah … my heart is full….

Love is who we are … “Welcome home,” it says.
Rivers of veins carry its warmth through the soul;
A journey of a lifetime held in each living cell….

Yes. I found it.
I am home.
I am in Love


~ In Love ~


23 responses to “In Love (revised repost)

  1. Beautiful! I love this, and in particular the last three lines…it gave me a wonderful warm feeling all over 🙂
    Also wanted to say…Thank you for stopping by my way recently and liking some of my posts. 🙂


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