For aspiring authors. Yet another thing we need to practice.

Article from ehow: Design a creative signature.

How you sign your name says a lot about you, but coming up with a signature style can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Getting a handle on how your handwriting reflects your personality and what you can do to design an interesting looking scrawl is the first step toward a clear identity.


  • Research signature analysis. Learn about what makes a signature say what you’re about or how you want to come across. Keep in mind the typical things people will see in your signature like: size, slant, underlining, size of the first letter, use of dots and the size of the first name compared to the last.
  • Draw out different signature ideas multiple times. Do not worry about reworking the same one until you get it right. Pick your best one and analyze it to make sure it’s saying what you what it to say. Keep in mind that the signature should be simple and easy to reproduce quickly at any time.
  • Use a black pen and cleanly trace the signature you will use. It should be done cleanly without going over a line multiple times unless that’s a part of the signature.
  • Place a sheet of tracing paper over the inked signature. Trace the signature multiple times. This will allow you to learn the signature. Trace the signature accurately and quickly.
  • Without tracing, redraw the signature a few times. Compare them to the original and the ones on the tracing paper. You should be able to recreate your signature by memory now. If not, go back to tracing it or make adjustments if you find particular spots difficult to draw freehand.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

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