The Writer’s Diet

dessert1st Draft: Indulgence. A stretching table full of sweet chocolates and desserts and fancy fare strung together and piled in gluttonous glory. Sick to your stomach, yet satisfied.


2nd Draft: Sharpening your knife to carve the holiday meal. Fine fare, yes. Picked, planned and chosen to appease the character guests. Loosen the belt for it is still bloated and full of fancy.



3rd Draft: The diet begins. The holiday is over. The leftover fancy fare is beginning to smell up the refrigerator. Time to lean out the fridge.



th (3)
4th Draft to final: Diet. Exercise. Sweat. Shedding pounds and slicing out ounces of indulgence. Leaving only a lean, cut and carved piece of art.



Crowds will gather as your work competes in the Colosseum of prose.
Hail! Hail! The Writer’s Diet.


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