Take a break for your story’s sake

The best thing we can do after a first draft is to let it sit. Do not pick it up. Do not think about it. Let it sit for a month or longer while you work on something else (another story, perhaps). See, the mind needs the rest. When we do pick it up later, the mind is fresh, and we then catch all the glaring mistakes that we didn’t notice before. Have you ever been looking for something in the house, in a drawer for instance, and just couldn’t seem to find it? Then a day later, there it is, right where you thought it was. Your mind passed it over, convinced you that it wasn’t there. This is the same concept. Take a break after the first draft; it’s the best thing you can do for your story.


4 responses to “Take a break for your story’s sake

  1. This is wonderful advice!!
    I always have to do this with my paintings. If I step back for a few hours, I can always catch something that I felt was wrong, but couldn’t see before


  2. i always love coming back to a story and it feels better to re-write and truly convey what i meant after the initial passion of writing passes.


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