Beauty in Gaelic

Beauty is not a word;
it is the feeling of pleasance reaching the eyes,
climbing in to touch parts of  the mind where gratitude lives.
She is life.
She is beauty personified.
Laugh with me.
Smile upon me.
Lend me the gift of your lips, my love.
My beauty.


Nach bhfuil áilleacht focal;
is é an mothú pleasance a bhaint amach na súile,
dreapadóireachta i codanna den aigne i gcás ina bhfuil cónaí buíochas teagmháil.
Tá sí an saol.
Tá sí áilleacht personified.
Gáire liom.
Smile orm.
Iasacht dom an bronntanas do liopaí, mo ghrá.
Mo áilleacht.



30 responses to “Beauty in Gaelic

  1. Oh Erik…this is the most amazingly beautiful post thank you my friend 😀 my heart is singing…you know how I love and you just spoke directly to my soul. Beautiful in sign language is also what I saw when reading this piece…that sign is this in hand motions. Ahhhhh….yes, this is just WOW!!


  2. yes, beauty reaches our soul, but visible beauty is fading, sometimes…
    Have you listen to the music of Steeleye Span or Alan Stivell? Maybe you will like the gaelic songs of them. 🙂 Kind Regards from Deutschland


    • Yes, I do like Steeleye Span, thank you for the recommendation. Keep up the great work on your blog over there, I love it. And oh how I miss Deutschland. Someday I will return home, or somewhere near it. 🙂


  3. words make one feel beauty from the inside I think..
    I like this…and Gaelic looks interesting ….
    Thank you for sharing….


      • I forgot ! I sent the bubbles this morning …
        it was about 20F and Maya ( my wolf) thought I had finally lost it LOLs…
        she kept standing there like she thought she ought to go for help …
        the wind was strong…so I hope you saw them LOLs…


        • That sound adorable, and I love wolves; I was in charge of taking care of a pack of wild wolves in the Yellowstone Discovery center way back when I was a teen. It was the best time of my life. I’ll keep a sharper eye out for the bubbles next time. 🙂


          • not really adorable LOLs
            I wanted to see if they would freeze ..I saw images of some that froze and broke and reflected the snow, they were incredible!
            but since I was barefooted it didn’t take long to remember it is way too cold LOLs..

            I went to Yellowstone as a teenager, I had run away from home to go to Woodstock and I had always wanted to see Old faithful ( I liked the thought of something being faithful) so I went there first…no I didn’t make it to Woodstock…long story LOls…( though I always wonder where I would be today if I had)

            You have a good night doing what you do best….
            Take care…You Matter…


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