Masquerade Ball

To see faces … behind faces
Sneers … behind plastic smiles
Jeers … behind compliments
Judgement … behind kindness

In Truth lives madness
To be in dark, is bliss

He sups on exquisite fare
Gets gussied up in fine clothes
Smiles into the mirror …
And joins the ball:

Sweet music around
Attire so grand
Distinguished clowns
To this proper band

Step one, perri two
Such perfect form
The crowd doth gather
A prince is born

Dark and handsome
With a mask of  LIGHT
Cheers, a worthy applause
Oblivious of plight

Talents that saunter
A confident pride
“Such sweet banter!”
Out loud they cried

One ~ Two ~ Slide box three
So fortunate he is
The puppets don’t see

Behind the LIGHT mask
A sheer grin
Must be a task
To always win

Foot steps of agony
A smile on his face

Shoes getting tighter
Losing his grace

Twirl, slide, pulling the strings
Enjoying while it lasts
Those needful things

Darkness can’t hide
A sneer of a face
In true LIGHT
Truth wins the race

The ball is over
Sweet music stops
Truth will uncover
When the mask drops….

th (2)3

–Masquerade Ball


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