The Puzzle

I have this picture in my mind; it’s like a puzzle.
The pieces lay before me.
Some are jagged and rough.
Some are smooth around the edges.
I call them days.

I can see it: this picture of mine.
Though it is merely an image in mind,
It will be complete someday.
My puzzle:

Oh, you should see it:
There is a misty wilderness lake.
Through the windows of a cabin amber light glows.
I must be kickin’ back in there in front of the fireplace;
With my dog, yeah, there must be a dog in there.
Trees and grass … the colors of nature.
A dirt road, yeah, right there.
An old Fork pickup in the driveway.
And my Harley, of course.
Fresh air. Serenity….

… All right, back to work, fitting the pieces together.
For someday I’ll hang this puzzle on the wall of that cabin.
Kick back in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee.
And look at my life….

–The Puzzle


4 responses to “The Puzzle

    • Thank you, I appreciate the wonderful compliment. I should also like to add that I love your blog. I agree with your studies and views about the perfect form. Keep up the great work. And thanks again πŸ™‚


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