To lovely days and peaceful nights.

Blessings from Freyja’s Garden. To lovely days and peaceful nights.
May Yule be filled with joy. May the new year bring an abundance of love.


2 responses to “To lovely days and peaceful nights.

  1. it was a wonderful day…full of Magick….

    I wandered in ( not getting WP notices again)
    I hope your Season of Winter and all the delights
    were delicious and full of bliss….
    I like this image…are you creating a Freya’s Garden?
    you should you know….

    Freya…Goddess of love and beauty
    protector of the weak Her charge, Her duty
    She heals the soul, spirit and heart
    connecting to healing of human and animal physical parts
    granting magick to those who walk the path
    Blessing them with Her magickal staff
    blue eyes reflect Her ancient soul
    blonde hair equal to the sun’ glow
    Her familiar the Falcon helps Her release
    the powers of love and peace
    she wears moonstone and amber set in silver and gold
    She is a Seer of the past, present and future’s told….

    She is a favorite of mine….as She is so much Earth within Water…
    (or so I feel)

    Take care…You Matter…


    • Yes, I know Freyja well, everything about her. She is everything to me, my guide, my muse, the guider of my will. I do have a Freyja’s Garden, yes. I’m so glad you know of her presence also. I’m smiling. Blessed Be Mary Rose. Blessed Be. )o(


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