I took a swim

So I’m back. I arrived here in the wine country of Oregon after 1000 grueling, white-knuckle miles through the fog, and lemmie tell ya, that wasn’t fun. Then I spent three days assembling new furniture because I left all the old stuff at Goodwill; I wanted a fresh clean start. My hands are sore. My body is sore. My mind is smiling. I love the new place in the woods, with the fireplace, the faux sheepskin rug in front of it, and the Celtic candle sconces above on either side of the medieval Knight painting. So anyway, I’m settled now, and as I write this in my new office, looking out the window at the forest, it seems I not only took a 20 hour drive in my truck, but also took a swim up the river of consciousness, of story; now I will write in an entirely new light. I’m glad to be back home. I’m glad I finally grabbed myself by the family jewels, took the chance, got rid of everything, and just did it. I will begin catching up with the blog, and all of you, starting tomorrow. Meantime, I must use this Sunday to check out my new little town, meet some locals, and go to the grocery store to stock my cupboards. Ah, what a year it will be.  What a story it will be.


11 responses to “I took a swim

    • Thanks so much, D. I’m very happy to have met you in this blogoshpere also 🙂 I’ll be perusing all your new blog posts shortly, and I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate it. Have a great Sunday 🙂


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