Primal (just a little practice exercise for me)

A sound–a tiny snick of the door lock closing across the shadowed room–perked his ears. Movement in the corner of his eyes. He glanced over from the couch, did a double take, and his sight line became filled with her fluid, lithe movements that radiated feminine sexuality; his eyes tracking her, even as a predatory instinct began to simmer within. Her heeled shoes came to a stop on the hardwood floor. She pushed her silken drape of hair over her shoulder–the diamond in her lobe glinted with candlelight. She grinned, caught her bottom lip between white teeth, stood and watched him watch her. Oh, that dress, how it molded her form. Thump-thump … thump-thump–he could feel her heart on the air, her laser green gaze burning through shadows. The cords in his legs tightened, ready to pounce at the slightest movement. He waited … on the sharp edge of control, sensing his pulsing awareness of her. A slight gasp escaped his mouth when she began to use those legs to walk into his eyes, his fevered heart throbbing, engorging his veins like lava-filled hoses. Dew of perspiration tried in vain to cool the skin. A deep growl rumbled within in his chest, echoing off stone walls in a dirt-floored cave of a time gone by. Yes. He had to bury himself in her cloak of sleek and willing flesh. For she is woman. He is man. Primal. She stood before him, smiled down at him … her dress fell to a pool at her feet. “Hi, honey,” she whispered, “I’m home. Let our anniversary begin.”


20 responses to “Primal (just a little practice exercise for me)

  1. My laser green gaze says you have a way with words – I bet you are quite a sweet-talker to your lady. I am going to continue to catch up on your posts!! Sometimes, I write romantic fiction, but I am more comfortable writing from the male POV. Reading your words lets me know I am on the right track ☮


    • Thanks 🙂 And nah, i’m not a sweet talker, much 😉 I’m actually a quiet man, letting my eyes relay the message. So there’s a male POV that I hope helps a bit.


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