To be a Sir

To be a Sir, or not to be a Sir … that is the question. Responsibility must be weighed. Gentleness in a masculine soul must be discovered. The love of another is a responsibility that must be appreciated, cherished, held in the highest regard. Her pleasure depends upon you. Adoration is earned. Do her love justice. My opinion whispers to me: “No violence, only love, Sir. She is the treasure your heart holds dear. She deserves only the very best of you, nothing less. Fill her life with love. Take her to places of dreams, of lush forests in kingdoms that gleam. Show her the world a Lady deserves. Woman is her. Her choice of you is divinity. Be worthy.” Will the opportunity be gifted to me from above? I shall wait for someday. To be a her Sir, or not to be a her Sir. Time will tell.


6 responses to “To be a Sir

    • Well said. Yes, many expectations. Which is why it is a choice not to be taken lightly. All we can do is live, not dwell on mistakes, and move forward with a positive outlook. What kind of life is a sad one? Not a life at all, but a never-ending pining. A Knight knows that redemption is not a cure, it is simply acceptance of the given path, by both parties. Life is too short to remain fallen, when all we must do is get up, brush off our slacks, and realize fate for what it is. Love always waits for the seeker to see.


  1. That you will find a woman worthy of you Sir, that I dearly wish, for such beauty as you describe here simply must enter the world and when it does, it will be a force to be reckoned with sending ripples across the fabric of our very existence. You seem to be a timeless and beautiful soul, a rare treasure indeed.


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