Back to the cuckoo’s nest

Sitting around bored last night, I decided to do a little math. Yep, that’s how bored I was. Math. Ugh. Anyhoo, I began contemplating the amount of hours I had spent on the first novel of this series. I came to the rough estimate of 4800 hours. Then I tried to put that into perspective. That’s like watching, let’s see, um, 9600 episodes of The Twilight Zone (now that’s a marathon), episodes that my little ole mind created and documented in journals and blank sheets of manuscript paper. Β I remember every hour, from the very first sentence of the very first blank page, and all the journal notes in between. During that time of creation, I never thought about hours, all I did was write like a crazed man on caffeine, hair in disarray, sweat pouring at times, maniacal laughter spilling (a fly on the wall could have called the men in white jackets to take me away), sobbing in melancholy, or gritting my teeth and pushing on. 4800 hours. What a ride it was. But the fun has just begun. Book two is underway πŸ™‚ I’m up here, Jack. I’ll be right down….



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