At times I ask myself, “Why so much pain in life?” Then the answer is always, “That’s life. Pain is a product of negativity purging from your body and soul. And it doesn’t feel good. But that’s just the way it is. So deal with it, and move on.” … So I do. Yyyyyyep.


17 responses to “Pain

  1. Hum…it’s life…but is it truly?!? Physical pain is a thing that so many times nobody seems to be able to escape from, like an acident or an illness. But as for the mental pain, we must try at least…sometimes pain is unconsciouly inflicted by lack of knowledge, courage and low esteem. But I’m not saying this for you particularly….let’s say it’s in general, including me! Have a nice Tuesday. Delvi.


    • Pain is a subjective term. Lack of knowledge does cause me some sort of pain, in the neck and posterior region particularly. As for the others, well, I got that covered. Physical pain is just an inconvenience in my book. What’s the worst that could happen. Death? Yeah, well, we all gotta go sometime. I accept that. And I will have a great Tuesday. Thank you. Please do the same for me 🙂 Erik.


  2. The poignancy, the juxtaposition, of pleasure and pain. The dance of life is inevitably made up of paradoxes such as these. Light/dark, pleasure/pain, positive/negative…. Black/white and all the grey in-between…


  3. I dont like pain…emotional or physical, who does?
    So I read Green Eggs and Ham when I get high because it makes me forget pain.
    I get high a lot, nearly every day because of pain, why? because I Can, Sam I Am.

    If I didn’t, I would probably do something stupid and that would cause more pain.
    The one thing that pisses me off is when others think that pain is in the mind. It’s not. Pain is created by the mind and given to every other part of the body then laughs at it like the devil…

    You struck a great post Sir Erik. always howl when you strike!
    I’m off to smoke a joint lol
    Peace Brother


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