I’m a sniffer

I have decided not to provide my book in ebook format at this time. My reasons are: It seems to take something away from the artistic design, with font limitations, paragraph format, minor artwork and a few other issues I am not comfortable with. Will this hurt sales? Possibly. I’m fine with that. It’s not about money. This story must have all the elements of design in order to represent my vision, so I will be content to offer it in paperback form. It may be available in ebook form on a later date. I hope this doesn’t disappoint the modern reader. But there is something special about holding a book in hands, viewing the artwork, smelling the pages of prose. Yep, I’m an old-school book sniffer πŸ™‚Β 


18 responses to “I’m a sniffer

  1. I read e-books of those I cannot purchase locally and some old books that can’t be sourced anymore that someone put into e-book format but they are never the same… no scent at all to digital pages!


  2. I am a collector of books and have many I am proud to own. I can not even imagine reading an ebook. I need a hard cover in my hands and the scent of ink and paper so I can lose myself in the words printed within. It is all about the experience. Good choice on your part…authentic. Blessings!


  3. The title of this post cracked me up! After reading dinner time. I suppose to some degree I’m a sniffer too, but I really just like to touch and feel, and give my eyes a much needed rest from LCD.


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