A woman’s heels

This just in–My #1 favorite sound in the world is a woman’s heels clicking the floor or concrete, anywhere I might be. Makes me sigh and smile every time.


49 responses to “A woman’s heels

  1. I miss my heels. Darn it, I do. Since my back injury, no heels. What a bummer. I felt so sexy in heels, and mind you I am talking 3 inch babies. I didn’t half step it. There is something powerful in the sound of heels. I know women walk differently in them. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, many more women wore heels then. Now, the majority wear sneakers. (sigh) Here is to heels! Click click …. glass on glass …..


  2. I’m with you Sir E. And you can tell by the sound if she walks with confidence.
    There should be no scraping. Just the click clack that makes you look back


  3. I guess that goes back to childhood and our mothers. I like the little click also of sandals or the backless soles of women’s shoes while walking and again it reminds me of dear old Mom! Sounds and the effects are interesting indeed and then going a step further as way it is so comforting. Agreed on the sound effects of women’s shoes! Thanks…..claudy


    • My mother never wore heels, so that doesn’t apply to me. Plus, my view in this post has nothing to do with mothers πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like post, Claudy. It’s nice to meet you.


      • Ooops! I always let Freud slip in! I thought my Mother was the most beautiful woman alive when I was small. I remember how lucky I felt when she would claim me. She was a proper southern woman. So I guess your comfort in the sound of heels originates somewhere else! After all it does not matter why! All that matters is they do. Basics in philosophy and going from Freudian to Behavioral but that is a different book and for another time. I do enjoy your poetry and look forward to more…..Thanks, claudy


        • That’s all right, I was joking around a bit. I do that often πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like my little corner of the world here. Thank you. And I find your blog enthralling also. I’ll be stopping by often. Have a great weekend.



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