January (Snowmoon) days of observance in my tradition.

Snowmoon (January)

Snowmoon 3Charming of the plow. This is the date of agricultural ritual performed in Northern Europe. Grains and cakes were offered for the soils fertility.

Snowmoon 9 — Day of remembrance for Raud the Strong: Raud was a landowner in Norway who was put to death by (St.) Olaf Tryggvason for his loyalty to Asatru by having a snake forced down his throat. Raud’s lands were then confiscated in the name of the king and his monks. Raise a drinking horn in honor of Raud and all of his kinsmen who gave their lives, rather than submit to the forced love of the kristjan empire.

Snowmoon 14Thorrablot: Begins the Old Norse month of Snorri. It is still observed in Iceland with parties and mid-winter feasts. It is sacred to Thorr and the ancient Icelandic Winter Spirit of Thorri. Raise a horn to Thorr, and invite the mighty one to the feast.



4 responses to “January (Snowmoon) days of observance in my tradition.

    • It would be my pleasure. My tradition is the path of Asatru, an old Norse tradition. I have posted a few pages under my “About me” page tab that explains a bit more. In essence, my tradition follows the belief and reverence to the Aesir and Vanir (the Gods and Goddesses of old).


      • I’ll definitely read your other pages.
        It sounds absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚
        I always have a much greater respect for the beliefs that include both a male and a female diety. There’s just something so romantic about them


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