“Flash posts” announcement

This blog contains what I like to call “flash posts”, which are fiction snippets that are posted, and taken down after a few hours. I have come to this decision after compromising with the editor and marketing advisers. I love to share, and this is the only solution I see before me. Many will not appreciate the “flash posts”. I do apologize for this, but that is the way it has to be. Thank you for understanding.


7 responses to ““Flash posts” announcement

  1. Ah, so that is why you do that. Make things disappear.

    HEY, I cannot keep up with you today! How much coffee did you drink? Holy moly I must have gotten at least 6 posts from you, maybe 8, and I am at the point in my day, I throw my hands up and say YOU WIN. Life. Why do I have to be a grown up? And have so many responsibilities? I couldn’t even find the reponses from you for the comments I did make. (sigh) Gee whiz! You only have ONE cat to take care of. I have 14 plus those in the barn next door, where I am headed for now. (BIG sigh)

    Wanna come over and play for a while? That way we can talk and I can hear ALL YOU POSTED TODAY. Life! Sucks! The big one! I wanna play! *pout*


    • Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve been on a posting streak *blush*. I”ve been having a difficult time keeping up also. I would love to sit and have a talk with you, with one of the glorious Roses. That would be so nice. Hang in there, Amy Rose. And put that bottom lip back where it belongs πŸ™‚ Love to you.


      • Yes, I would say. I was like that a while back until I felt sorry for my followers. Now I limit myself to 4 per day. And trying to keep up when so many are putting out post after post? And then the replies to the comments I made? AND trying to keep up with life life? YIVEH!

        Lip back in for now. I’m laughing so hard. You are good medicine, Erik. Love to you as well.


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