I’ll never understand

My next-door neighbors, who are usually a loving married couple, came home last evening after some kind of SuperBowl party, and began shouting obscenities at each other. I even heard what sounded like objects being thrown. I’ll never understand occasions like this “SuperBowl” thing that seem to be so popular, like some kind of excuse to over-indulge in alcohol. I do not judge those who choose that method of entertainment, I just don’t understand. My neighbors are a beautiful, loving couple. I wonder how many fights took place around the world last night. But I bet the beer commercials were funny.


24 responses to “I’ll never understand

  1. We don’t have superbowl here, but we like to watch soccer. Sports can make people act like total idiots, but it can also connect a entire nation for a while. I like that.


          • A real travel huh? Nice!
            I love to travel as well, but I can’t really see myself living in another country. Even if I would be away for months, I will always call Holland my home. I think we have a lot of freedom here and I couldn’t give that up.


          • Oh, you are so right, about the freedom. You are lucky. And I wasn’t really travelling. My grandparents live there, as I did for a time. I’ll go back home someday. Say hello to Dame Holly for me (if you know what that means, if not that’s OK). Love. β™₯


  2. LOL Obviously their team lost! Maybe the ending was passion but then again maybe a break up! Loving includes disagreement, conflict and yes for some obscenities! Where there are sparks there is fire! Who knows what set it off? Maybe he touched someone or maybe they forgot to say goodbye! Who knows? But that’s entertainment. If they only knew you heard them and were concerned! That would really freak them out. So guess that’s Oregon for ya! Well guess that’s all fifty for ya! You and your woman don’t ever argue..loudly? I thought everyone did. I guess it is the breaking stuff that is over the top for me! But some couples buy stuff to break at those times it seems. Again who knows? Hopefully they are good for another stretch and you won’t get the audio again for some time…. claudy


    • I don’t fight with women. I see no reason. In fact, I haven’t even had a disagreement with a woman in 12 years, and even then it was nothing major, and we made up, if you know what I mean. A woman who relentlessly prods arguments is not one for me. I will turn the other cheek, and move on. Life is too short to shout obscenities, and throwing things is simply juvenile in my opinion. Now, if the woman needs protection, that is a different story entirely. The wolf will bear its teeth.


      • I agree with that! I don’t “fight” either with my companion! But yes there are times when it get’s heated and for me it isn’t usually directed to my partner but the subject at hand. Even watching football may get a little loud but the throwing stuff is what I would never do or tolerate… Provoking blog there Erik…Thanks claudy


  3. So I am just going to bypass the reason for your post and get straight to the fact that you are from Norway and ask you if you know what Lefsa is? πŸ™‚


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