So much life….

Love–it is the perfection of creation, with no concrete definition, no scientific or medical explanation. All we can do is feel, steep in its wonder, weep in its mystery, with no questions asked. For there is no answer. It just is. Ah … so much life. Let us fly through the rain of petals….



21 responses to “So much life….

      • I’ve pulled back today, not conversing with many. There is a Spirit of Love here that is heavenly. I go Within to my Inner Garden to embrace the Call I hear. I feel intoxicated. Yes, Erik, I do feel it. No words to express this. Just BEing and FEELing. Love to you, Amy Rose

        On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Erik S. Lehman wrote:

        > eriklehman commented: “Thanks, Amy Rose. I’m so glad you feel it. Love > to you.”


  1. Love can be so wonderful, but also so painful .. you torn between happiness and sorrow .. I am so emotionally out of balance now .. do not really know what I feel and what I want and with whom .. sounds crazy .. but right now my life is so … Wonderfully written .. I love it …


  2. Erik, I need an honest review from you on my posts from the past 2 days. This is what I am hearing, yet it does not seem to be going well with my followers. All they seem to want are the small wisdom sayings I write, and not the deeper words on Love. Man, I am getting discouraged! If this is what I am hearing, then why is it falling flat? Or am I not the one hearing right, or not writing right? Grrrrrrrrr……..


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