In dreams a Thorne is born

So my eyes popped open this morning after a deep sleep. Immediately I grabbed my writing journal and frantically outlined an entire story from beginning to finish  before the dream slipped away. See, my dream was a special one, a novel-length one, an astral journey of discovery in a new country. Now I have the entire Book Three in the Sons of Thorne series outlined and waiting for me. I visited a muse last night–a great grandmother who told me a story of how a Son met a Daughter. This great-grandmother introduced me to another beautiful Rose who waits to breathe. I will keep the title under my hat for the moment, but I will just say that the Fee has been found, and what a wonderful odyssey this will be. Love.


16 responses to “In dreams a Thorne is born

  1. I like you are living within your dreams…
    and bringing them into being… you mind?
    how many Roses are you looking for? just curious…:)
    hope you tell more about the Crone…
    fitting you woke up to write about the Sons of Thor on Thor’s day today …
    synchronicity at its finest…

    I thought of you when I was watching the video I put up…
    a gift to hear the whispers…
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • Thank you, and I find that my dreams now intermingling with “reality” … it’s an amazing feeling. I am not looking for Roses, they find their way into the story, like a gathering over time. There is no limit, for in the end of this series will be a war to protect the Rose. There are Crones involved also, of course, the Wise. And yes, Thor’s day was very productive. I’m glad you recognized the connection 🙂 I did love that video, and the connection did make me smile. Thank you for that. BlessedBe, )o( Have a wonderful weekend to come.


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