My ancestors. The Sagas of Icelanders recommendation.

“Here is the poetry of the North Atlantic … a testimony to the human spirit’s ability not only to endure what fate may send it but to be renewed by the experience.” 

–Seamus Heaney


In Iceland, the age of the Vikings is also called the Saga Age. A unique body of medieval literature, the Sagas rank with the world’s great literary treasures–as epic as Homer, as deep in tragedy as Sophocles, as engagingly human as Shakespeare. This edition of The Sagas of Icelanders, commemorating the thousandth anniversary of Leif Eiriksson’s historic voyage, is drawn from the first English translation of the entire corpus of the Sagas, together with forty-nine connected tales–a five-volume set published by Leifur Eiriksson Publishing, Iceland. Thirty translators were selected for this monumental project, including leading international scholars from seven countries.

“The Icelandic Sagas might be likened to a sort of literary Stonehenge, a palpable and towering accomplishment that remains forever inexplicable….” 

–The Washington Post

102534782 pages


20 responses to “My ancestors. The Sagas of Icelanders recommendation.

  1. You will not believe this but, I had come to your site (here) a few nights ago, looking for book recommendations by you about Norse heritage. Some of the things you have written gave rise to curiosity. Now I have a book to read. Thank you, Erik.


    • I don’t know if you’d enjoy this book, it is a bit of a different reading experience, more of a historical Saga. If you do decide to read it, put aside months to read it. It is a large book, with maps, a glossary and information. Let me know if you like it. Love.


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