Dessert (mature eyes only)

Dinner was wonderful
Now the lovers are home
Her man stands tall
In heels, she has knelt before him
Panties around her ankles
Hands tied behind her back
As a statue taunts her whim
Out of reach … a rigid man and rack
Her begging tongue tip flicks the tip
His dancing pole does twitch
“Please,” her petulant whimper says
“Yes, my love,” he murmurs, feels, ponders a tasty payback.
“Honey, stop,” he grumbles. “I believe the last course is here. Turn around. It’s time for my dessert.”


13 responses to “Dessert (mature eyes only)

    • Thanks so much, Sadie. I’m just catching up here on the blog, and I’m glad to see that you like the old stuff I posted. You’re giving me a chance to revisit them πŸ˜‰


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