Lenting (March) Days of observance

Lenting (March)

Lenting 9 — Day of remembrance for Oliver the Martyr. Betrayed by an informer, he was killed by St Olaf’s men while preparing for the Spring rituals in the village of Maerin Norway. Many other men whose names are lost to us were also killed, mutilated, or exiled for taking part in such rituals.

Lenting 20 — High Feast of Ostara. This is the Spring Equinox. That end of winter and the beginning of the season of rebirth. Today we honor Frigga, Freyja, and Nerthus with ritual and feast. Pour a libation of mead onto the Earth; celebrate the rebirth of nature, Asatru, and the new hopes for our Folk.

Lenting 28 — Ragnar Lodbrok Day. Ragnar was one of the legends most famous Vikings. Today toast Ragnar, and read from his Saga.


[Does that last one seem familiar?]

Days of Observance page https://erikslehman.wordpress.com/about-me/days-of-observance/



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