Ostara (April)

Ostara (April)

Ostara 9 — Day of Remembrance for Jarl Hakon of Norway: As a ruler of the western part of the realm, Hakon restored Asatru. In the process, the common folk regained political liberties which were erased under the kristjan yoke, and the flame of Asatru burned brighter in an era of gathering gloom. It may be that Hakon’s defense of our ancestral ways helped encourage the survival of our traditions in Iceland. On this day reflect on how the actions of the individual can impact world events and the future.

Ostara 15 — Sigrblot/Sumarsdag: Today we celebrate the first day of Summer in the Old Icelandic calendar.

Ostara 22 — Yggdrasil Day: On this day we realize the great significance that the World Tree plays in our culture, heritage, and native spirituality. It is from the World Tree that we came, and it shelters and nurtures us today, and will offer refuge to the Folk come Ragnarok. Trees are the lungs as well as the soul of Midgard (Earth). Plant a tree today, nurture it, and protect it. In this act the Folk must abide.

Ostara 30 — Walburg: this is better known as May Eve. Walberg is a goddess of our folk combining some of the traits of Her better-known peers. Reflect on this day on Freyja, Hel, and Frigga, as a repository of the glorious dead, and you will have an idea of Wulburg’s nature. On this day pour a horn of mead upon the earth in memory of our heroes.

Days of observance page:Β https://erikslehman.wordpress.com/days-of-observance/


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