I am normally a gentle person when it comes to dealing with others. Now, over the last two months I have had a bill collector calling me about a bill I do not owe (I was fighting it). I stayed patient with this bill collector over many calls. Then he started harassing at all hours, saying things you wouldn’t believe. Game on. I finally just gave up, sighed into the phone, and said, “Tell you what, I won’t come in the mail, and the check’s in your mouth. Buh-bye.” Click. Yep, that did feel good. And I paid the bill just to avoid the headache.


8 responses to “Harassed

  1. Id’ve invited him down to the house and then handed the fucker the cheque – just to waste his time! Done it before mate and it feels sweet – do it the next time and enjoy!


  2. I don’t think those collections methods are legal. They are not allowed to harass people constantly at all hours. I might sue the company who issued the bill for the amount owed and for harassment in small claims court, just out of aggregation, and I’m usually peaceable, too. Get phone records showing how many times and how often they called… My dander is up.


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