And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

–Anaïs Nin


14 responses to “Risk

      • You make me laugh, Erik, which is a good thing. Yeah, the blog kind of takes a life of its own. Doesn’t it? LOL xxoo

        On Sunday, February 23, 2014, Erik S. Lehman wrote:

        > eriklehman commented: “Yep, it’s a popular one. I got this off > Goodreads. And believe me, I understand about the “big blog” thing. Whew. > xxoo”


    • Mm, you caught that, huh? 🙂 Yep, I would say it is. Thanks so much for the hug. Here’s a big (((HUG))) right back. P.S. I don’t believe in pain, so no worries over here 🙂 Love to you, Amy. xxoo.



      • What do you call it when you stub your toe? Or you slam a finger in a door? Or when your back aches? I really don’t understand this, Erik, and I am hoping your words can assist me on my own journey. I live in chronic pain from a severe back injury. Are you telling me, if I change my thought patterns, I wouldn’t experience pain?

        I also know that pain is a signal that something is wrong. You have me scratching my head on this. xxoo Amy

        On Saturday, February 22, 2014, Erik S. Lehman wrote:

        > eriklehman commented: “Mm, you caught that, huh? 🙂 Yep, I would say > it is. Thanks so much for the hug. Here’s a big (((HUG))) right back. P.S. > I don’t believe in pain, so no worries over here 🙂 Love to you, Amy. xxoo. > Erik”


        • I guess I did say that wrong. What I meant was, I grit my teeth, fill myself with the mental strength of the Gods, and poof, pain means nothing. It is merely a human inconvenience that makes me clamp my jaw for a bit. Yes, pain and everything else is managed by the brain, that’s all we have for now. I know it sounds crazy, but it is possible to tell your mind to tell your body what to feel. It works for me anyway. I’m sorry to hear about your chronic illness. I didn’t mean to offend, or take the plight of others lightly.


          • Erik, stop. You didn’t offend me. You couldn’t.

            I know what you are saying now. There are days I hang on to my countertop swaying in utter fatigue. And that is in the morning. I “catch” the thoughts that are running through my mind. I take a deep breath, go within, and manually change the “switch” to one that says, “I am strong and able, and with the Power of Christ Light, I will RISE above this situation and feel invigorated and wonderful!” I then shorten that to a small Mantra which I keep saying and FEELING what I am saying. It is an attitude switch and it really works. (I have another secret too, but that is for another day.) (smile)

            This is what I am doing over at Petals in a nutshell. We have choices. No matter what the situation is, we do have choices in how we THINK and ACT. There has been many a day, towards the END of a day, I look back and am amazed at all I did accomplish and how wonderful my frame of mind is. I went from hanging on to a countertop to being productive and centered with a sense of well-being.

            Hmmmm……Thank you, Erik, for listening. Now you know one of my secrets how I refuse to allow life to beat me up. Some days my success rate is higher then others, and some days, I call my “super human effort days” just to get myself off the couch and move.

            When one has JOY and Love in one’s Heart, and one’s being is Centered in Peace, what one does is effortless and beautiful. Yep. Another great one liner I just wrote that is going on Petals. Not today, though. For the first time since I started Petals, I am taking the day off. I am just catching up here now, and then for the rest of the day, I play with my camera. xxoo


          • I understand that power of Light as you called it, though I call something different. It’s the same concept. The human body is frail, that is a fact. Myself, I know that life is not all fluffy and soft all the time. But I’ll go to my last days limping and proud, a battle-tested warrior with a steel eyes and little grin. ‘Cause pain is part of the game, a game that I will win. (I’m going to post something similar to this shortly) … Have fun with that camera, Amy. I’m looking forward to seeing your magnificent work, as always.


          • xxoo Amy (she says trying in vain to get the last word in.) PS I am familiar with Christ Light yet I don’t say it often for there again too, it is putting the Light in a box. I sometimes just go by Light. Period. Now I am off to play. Later gater!


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